Golf Course

Every shot that you try on the course is very important whether it’s driving, chipping or even putting the golf ball. All these come down to one element the; lower body’s stability. The Anchor of golf training aid is a unique aid which acknowledges the problem areas of your swing by maintaining the flexibility of your back knee in a stable position during the course of the golf swing

The Anchor of golf training aid was developed by Dr Brian McKeon, who is world class orthopedic surgeon and an expert in sports medicine. The anchor is effective, easy to use, adjustable, and can be used regardless o any shot that’s been setup. Apart from that it’s more comfortable, safe and durable. It’s constructed in such a way that it maximizes the natural features of the swing by holding the lower body and making sure that it provides proper balance. Once the base is stabilized, you will feel the difference as it will more balanced, compact and no excessive motion is needed. 

The Anchor of golf training guide is designed as a tool that helps you perfect and builds a better swing. This will help you to achieve maximum efficiency and the force will be moved around. This is suitable for everyone.

As with any golfer, the golf swing consists of a complex set of movements. The Anchor of golf training guide addresses the most critical part of your body which is the lower area. Maintaining proper knee flex onto the back of your legs will help to avoid any mistakes such as swaying, coming up out of the swing, over swinging and reverse pivot.

The anchor of golf training will prevent your hip from turning, helps to put the club on a proper swing and then minimizes the ‘’over the top movements’’. The anchor can be worn at a driving range and as well as during practice on the course. When used on a constant basis, it will help to mould your body to hit the ball squarely each time. The swing will improve drastically and this means your score too will improve.

Here are some of the benefits of using Anchor of golf training aid; it will stabilize the golf swing rounds. When used constantly, it will help to train your body to the ball perfectly. It maintain the proper knee flex, improves both power and accuracy, ensures proper balance, stops over the top maneuvers, it’s fully adjustable and easy to use. More info,